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Meet the TeamVortala’s mission is to help healthcare practices attract and retain more new patients using the Internet.

Established in 2005, Vortala has grown to be one of the world’s leading healthcare digital marketing agencies managing 2500 practice clients across North America, Australia and the UK.

Our success springs from a deep understanding of two critical marketing factors:

  1. How consumers think and behave online when they’re searching for a new doctor. And how to intercept and influence these prospective new patients to choose our clients.
  2. The competing demands of leading a practice (i.e. seeing patients AND running a small business). Doctors are time-poor and need a marketing partner they can trust to keep their schedule full and their online reputation strong.

Founders, Steve Anson and Bill EstebVortala co-founders Stephen Anson and William Esteb agree,

“It used to be doctors who had one reputation. Now they have two! The real world and the virtual (online) world. And both can make or break their practice.”

As the Internet continues to evolve, our clients trust that we have their best interest at heart. That we’ll make constant adjustments to their practice website and wider online presence to insure consistent marketing results.

Our Core Values

Our company values are: Trust, Service and Innovation.

  • Trust because it’s at the heart of all mutually rewarding, long term relationships.
  • Service because we seek to serve and add value. We believe that our rewards, including a sense of purpose, are simply a by-product of serving others.
  • Innovation because our clients depend on us to stay up-to-date with ever-evolving digital marketing methods and technologies.

Meet our team of talented marketing and technology professionals focused on helping our clients win online.

At Vortala, we’re proud to serve the healthcare profession and hope for an opportunity to partner with you.

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