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About Us

Bill Esteb and Steve Anson founded Vortala in 2004. Today, they proudly lead a team of 70 digital marketing professionals located in North America, Australia and Asia.

The word “vortala” is derived from “vortal” which is defined as a vertical industry portal. This reflects what Vortala does in serving selected vertical markets (vortals) with a world-class website design, development and digital marketing services.

Vortala founders, Steve Anson and Bill Esteb

Vortala founders, Steve Anson and Bill Esteb.

Vortala started out providing website services to chiropractors through its specialist brand Perfect Patients. Over time, licensed professionals from other practice disciplines inquired about Vortala’s services. The company expanded into dentistry through its specialist brand Smile Marketing. And a range of other professionals are working directly with Vortala.

“What makes Vortala different is that we offer a website service,” says Bill Esteb. “Other website companies see their job as finished when your site is launched! Vortala sees launch day as the start… the day we begin to work your practice website to ensure it earns its keep by generating new patients (clients) and educating current patients to increase retention and referrals. Vortala assigns an Account Manager to take care of every detail of your website… to maximize your return on investment.”

Vortala’s simple purpose statement is…

“To get and keep more new patients for our clients.”

If you’re in professional practice, join 2200 licensed professionals who trust Vortala to manage their practice website and online reputation.

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