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Over 2000 healthcare practitioners worldwide trust Vortala to manage their practice website to generate new patients and expand their online authority.

Our Brands

Our team of 50 online marketing professionals will design, build and manage every aspect of your practice website to produce measurable practice growth results.


Responsive Website DesignNew Patient Generating Websites for Healthcare Professionals

If you lead a professional practice (medical, dental, chiropractic, optometry, veterinary, accounting, legal, architecture etc.), you want a practice website that earns its keep by generating new patients (clients), increasing patient retention and stimulating quality referrals.

In addition to Vortala’s expertise with practice websites, we develop directory sites like our natural health website, that generates thousands of new patient leads.

With our focus on serving licensed professionals, Vortala understands the competing demands of leading a professional practice. The Vortala team has a proven track-record in designing, developing and managing high performance practice websites.

In fact, over 2000 licensed professionals trust Vortala to manage their practice website… an interactive practice website that expands their influence and authority to grow their practice.

Check out our dental website design or chiropractic websites offered through our specialist brands Smile Marketing and Perfect Patients.

  • “Bottom line, the site attracts new patients! Any doctors on the fence about signing up, please call me.”
    - Dr. Michael T. Ryan
  • “Most of my new patients are coming from my website. I’ve even reduced my yellow pages ad to a 1/4 page.”
    - Dr. James Holding