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When you become a practice website client of Vortala, you and your practice become part of a constellation of websites designed to put new patients in your reception room. If you’re a chiropractor, you need to know about

In addition to expertise creating and managing practice websites, we develop directory sites like our natural health website, that generates thousands of new patient leads.

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New Patients a Practice Website Can’t Reach

As a health professional with a practice to run and patients to serve, you don’t want just a website; you want what a website can produce: new patients.

Believe it or not, because of the way search engines work, your practice doesn’t show up for searches on “neck pain,” “migraine headaches,” “pregnancy” and other health complaints that you regularly help. (Try it and see for yourself.)

But is optimized specifically for these types of searches. Such as:

Headache ReliefNatural Relief of Migraine HeadachesBaby Colic
Head and Neck PainChildhood AsthmaADHD and Children
Natural PMS RemedySciatica Leg PainScoliosis Treatment
Carpal Tunnel ReliefTeenage BedwettingEar Infections in Children

When those seeking a natural health solution arrive at the site, they’re greeted with informative content and your practice details.

olympia chiropractorsThere’s no other way to tap into this huge source of potential new patients!

Chiropractors By City and State

We haven’t overlooked the value of a traditional directory for chiropractors!

When you join the Perfect Patients family, you and your practice details are automatically listed in our exclusive Choose Natural directory.

Unlike traditional directories, the listing and link to your practice website is a valuable addition to the link profile of your practice. High value links from authoritative sites like are not only hard to get, they can profoundly improve your search engine ranking. And better ranking means more new patients.

At Vortala we go beyond just designing, producing and managing your practice website. Our commitment is send you new patients.

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Natural Health Blog is focused on providing natural health information to Internet researches looking for alternatives to drugs and surgery. The Choose Natural blog is a great way to present the latest information in a persuasive, interactive way.

Have you thought about doing some blogging? By contributing to the Choose Natural blog you can express yourself to a worldwide audience. Plus, your posts will be accompanied by a high-value link back to your practice website. You’ll be seen as the natural health care authority, plus you’ll get a valuable link to your site.

If this sounds interesting, contact a Perfect Patients representative for details.

The Vortala Commitment to Professional Practice

Informational websites like for chiropractors, for dentists and for the optometric market rank highly in the Search Engines and direct thousands of potential new clients to Vortala professionals.

If you’re a chiropractor and you’re ready to join our family, choose the Perfect Patients Service Plan that’s right for you, download our Service Agreement and let’s get started!

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