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How to Grow Your Medical
Practice Using the Internet

Join Smile Marketing CEO & Co-Founder Stephen Anson as he shares the five most important digital marketing factors for attracting high-profit patients and growing your practice online.

This 90-minute, information-packed seminar will equip you with ready-to-implement initiatives that will boost your practice’s new patient-pulling power by converting website visitors into new patients.

Meet Your Presenter:

Steve Anson, Smile Marketing CEOSmile Marketing CEO, Stephen Anson, is a passionate online marketing expert who has helped thousands of doctors leverage the Internet to grow their practice.

Stephen leads a team of 70 online marketing professionals who manage new patient marketing for 2300 healthcare practices worldwide.

You’ll learn:

  • Website design and content that maximises new patient conversion.
  • Current SEO best-practices to rank #1 on Google (maps and organic).
  • Proven Google Adwords methods to fill gaps in your schedule on-demand.
  • Facebook strategies to boost patient loyalty and referrals.
  • Emerging digital marketing trends to future-proof your practice.

Seminar Date & Location:

Registration at 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start.

  • Perth: Tues, February 6

$95 registration fee for the practitioner.

$145 for the entire practice.


For questions, or to register by phone, please call us on: +61 8 6117 2497 (press 0)

“Together, let’s make this your best year ever in practice. I look forward to meeting you in person.” ~ Stephen Anson