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  • Family-Friendly Hours & Work from Home

  • Fast-Growing Digital Marketing Leader

  • Healthcare Focus… Helping Doctors Succeed

In 2004, Steve Anson and Bill Esteb founded Vortala with a simple vision to help doctors grow their practice using the Internet.

Today, our dedicated team of 70 marketing professionals serve thousands of healthcare practices worldwide. Busy doctors trust Vortala to manage their practice website and lead their digital strategy.

Our core values are Trust, Service and Innovation. Our team culture is based on practicing an Outward Mindset which is the simple idea that, “our success is a by-product of helping others succeed.”

Is our culture a good fit with your work and life philosophy?

Our brands include, Perfect Patients (allied healthcare), Smile Marketing (dental) and we’re expanding into other healthcare verticals.


As a Sales Development Consultant, you’re the pivotal link between our marketing and sales teams.

Using phone, email and social contact, your focus is to setup qualified sales meetings with dentists and chiropractors.

You’re supported by a dedicated team, advanced sales technologies (to automate many routine tasks) and very high-quality contact lists.

Reporting to the Director; Sales & Marketing, specific role responsibilities include:

  • Half of your day on the phone with Doctors and Practice Managers to discuss their interest in new patient marketing.
  • Replying to emails from interested prospects including sharing relevant information (e.g. client case studies) to nurture increased interest in our digital services.
  • Social outreach and recording simple personalized videos to warm up prospects and share insights about their current online presence (we’ll train you).
  • Setting up sales meetings for your Account Executive colleagues. Your target is 6 – 10 sales meetings/week (depending on the vertical you are targeting).
  • Following up with Account Executives to check the quality of sales meetings and make any necessary adjustments to the sales development process.
  • Maintaining accurate CRM records and regular reporting to your sales leader.
  • Weekly participation in a structured program to encourage your personal and professional development.
  • Other sales development duties as required to keep improving both personal and team performance.


To be invited for interview, you should possess the following skills and experience:

  • Expert level telephone skills including experience connecting with cold and warm prospects.
  • Advanced proficiency with CRM software (e.g. Salesforce) and other marketing technologies.
  • Advanced written sales communication skills.
  • Maturity to self-manage and balance personal achievement with supporting your peers to achieve their goals.
  • Experience with digital marketing services and healthcare is beneficial but not essential.

Salesperson on call

Our mantra is, “the company can only grow as fast as its people.”

This means we’re committed to your ongoing personal and professional development.

Including weekly individual and team development activities and attending the company’s annual retreat.

This is a full-time position with flexible, family-friendly hours.

You’ll work from the comfort of your home office and connect with your colleagues worldwide using the most advanced online collaboration tools.

Vortala is a fast-growing, equal opportunity employer riding the healthcare and technology wave.

Ready for a new challenge with a company that cares deeply about you and your development?


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